TEO Project is Begining of TAO Architecture

TEO Blockchain is ReOrigin the Ethereum.

World First TETHASHV1 ETH-AntiASIC Blockchain on LIVE!!

Mining reward is also returned to 5TEO. And It will adapt new POW algorithm prevent Centralized ASIC Mining. It will more mining the TEO with current GPU miners. Go to https://exploter.tao.foundation sites. all link has listed in a menu.

It will airdrop 5.3M Ethereum Accounts and 300K EthereumClassic Account with over 10M TEO Coins. and ETH / ETC Communities will get bonus ratio with original balances. Currently we opened TEO TestNet, you can identify from this TEO project github
And TEO TestNet Bounty Program is opened. You can contribute this project and you can get rewards and early access of this projects.

All Disscussion and TAO / TEO Whitepaper will be discussed in Forum. Go to Forum.tao.foundation


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